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Grey Sparrow: Questions into (Cyber)space (2012)
Verse Wisconsin: The Myth of Sisyphus (2012, not available online)
Mobius: The Poetry of Timothy Geithner (2012)
euphemism: Most of the Interesting Art, This is Your Life (2013, not available online)
Mudlark: Hey Walt, It’s Me, Steve, On the Internet (2013)
OccuPoetry: Lockdown (2013)
Subliminal Interiors: The Catechism (2013, not available online)
Umbrella Factory: Today’s Google Are We, Punctuated, Picture Perfect  (2013)

2013-10-04 14.47.10VISUAL POETRY

3 am: Hernan Crespo, NHL, Barca (2012)
LITnIMAGE: What Virgil Now Tells Dante, Words (2012, not available online)
Otoliths: You’re Not the Only One (2013)
Cafe Review: Don’t Walk Away Rene, Farey’s Lament, Cricket Dream, Çava (2013)
Doctor T J Eckleburg Review: Play Beckett Bingo (8 cards) (2013)

Otoliths, Bete Noire 1, Form Follows Function 9, Welsh Cat’s Game (2013)
Metazen: Stare (2013, not available online)

2013-10-04 14.46.00